An effective middle ground between full wraps and superside ads

Megaside taxi advertising gives brands the opportunity to find a fantastic middle ground for their advertising needs.

Megaside taxi advertising:

  • is ideal for short to medium term campaigns, with a strong focus on brand exposure and maximum broadcasting opportunities
  • can effectively target pedestrians on both sides of the road, standing out as the taxi passes by
  • supports high volume campaigns and offers extensive coverage
  • offers advertisers more creative space by allowing full use of the entire taxi side for an ad’s design
  • finds an effective middle-ground between the full livery cab and the traditional superside format
  • ensures that your brand catches the eye in busy towns and cities, with colourful creative opportunities
  • gives an approach that is highly effective, whilst being affordable

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This format combines the outstanding visual impact of full livery with the cost effective solution of taxi supersides.

Giving advertisers access to the full sides of a black cab, megaside ads can help a brand’s creative stand out against the busy traffic of some of the country’s major cities and urban areas.

By utilising the large side areas of a taxi, you can be allowed greater creative freedom compared to the traditional superside and ensure that your artwork makes a lasting impression on a large and diverse audience in an area of your choosing.

You can supply artwork yourself to match the rest of your branding, or leave it in the more than capable hands of our delightful LTA cab design team – the choice is yours.