Why Taxis?

Taxi advertising provides you with unrivalled exposure in the UK's busiest cities

Why Taxi Advertising?

London Taxi Advertising offers your brand high levels of exposure in front of millions, transforming the iconic black cab into an effective mobile billboard to help you reach a large urban audience.

  • High visibility campaigns in the UK’s busiest city centres and urban areas
  • Target key locations for your brand and reach a huge audience of millions
  • Unrivalled reach, targeting pedestrians and motorists on the move
  • Effective mobile advertising which static formats simply cannot compete with
  • Drive instant purchases, launch PR campaigns and take your brand out on the road for all to see

We give your business the power to influence commuters, pedestrians, motorists and tourists from around the whole of London and the rest of the UK, with cost-effective and creative advertising campaigns which are guaranteed to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Reach millions

Black cabs travel hundreds of miles to destinations at the heart of the UK’s major cities, allowing your advertisements to create a huge impression on a large and diverse audience.

Your advertising can be seen in busy business districts, outside the most popular shopping centres, train stations, airports and tourist attractions.

We also offer you the chance to reach cab passengers with our fantastic interior ad solutions.

Got a question about taxi advertising or looking to get your campaign up and running on the streets of the UK? Simply fill in our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team of taxi ad experts, or give us a call to speak to us directly!

Interesting Stats

taxi journeys are made each day in the UK
have made a purchase after seeing a taxi ad
describe taxi ads as impactful

Reach a diverse audience

Taxis are seen by people of all backgrounds and ages every single day. Advertising on black cabs is the perfect way to promote your brand.

Reach your perfect target audience – whether they’re powerful executives, important decision makers, shoppers, residents or tourists.

Take your ads on the road

We work with a range of formats that catch the eye by standing out against the traffic in the UK’s busiest cities, towns and urban areas.

From full wraps to supersides, our campaigns transform taxis to give your brand the edge in today’s competitive consumer marketplace.

Interior advertising

Reach passengers in a captive environment with LTA’s interior taxi advertising and capitalise on the high dwell time offered by taxi journeys.

Interior formats give your brand exposure in front of a premium target market seeking a distraction and can drive instant interaction.