3D Mockups

Ensure your cab catches the eye before it's fitted with our unique 3D mockups

A three dimensional preview

London Taxi Advertising offers our clients a unique insight into how their campaign will look through innovative 3D mockup display.

Our design team can showcase your ads accurately on three dimensional taxis to help you see exactly how the campaign will appear once it’s live.

Whether you’re providing your own artwork or looking to us to create something from scratch, 3D mockups offer you the chance to choose from several designs, experiment with formats and decide which taxi design will work for you.

  • A unique insight into how your cab will look on the roads
  • Allows you to fine-tune the design so you’re completely satisfied
  • Check out the taxi from every angle
  • Compare and contrast different designs before making your choice

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Check out your creative

3D mockups allow you to inspect your cab from all angles before it is finalised and fitted, so you know that you’ll be over the moon with how your taxis will look.

If you’re still struggling to decide on your creative, our sales team can arrange for multiple designs to feature on different taxis for your campaign.

With other agencies, the first time you see your taxi might not be until it passes you on the street.

With LTA, our unique 3D mockup system means that your taxi won’t be fitted until you’re completely satisfied with how it looks.