Interesting Stats

people in its metropolitan area
of business commuters use taxis
are of an ABC1 demographic
students to target in the city


Reach millennials, business people or those of an ABC1 demographic

Taxi advertising in Southampton

Your Southampton taxi advertising campaign can reach this large audience, with cabs acting as effective mobile billboards in a busy urban setting.

It is one of the most populous cities on the south coast, and is an effective advertising location for your campaign.

  • 1.5m people reside in Southampton’s metropolitan area
  • Over 61% of its population is described as ABC1
  • Reach this prime target audience by taking your ads on the roads
  • Excellent transport links means it attracts millions of visitors each year
  • Popular with students, shoppers and famous for its culture

As the UK’s premier taxi advertiser, London Taxi Advertising can take your brand to the next level through one of our bespoke Southampton taxi advertising campaigns.

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Why advertise in Southampton?

With 1 in 5 Southampton residents described as “very affluent”, there are major opportunities for your business here.

Famous for its status as a port city, Southampton boasts excellent transport links and is affectionately described as a “gateway to the world.”

Your advertisements will be seen by both locals and those in the area for business or pleasure, with Southampton known as the “cruise capital of Europe.”

Its impressive tourism offering sees over four million people visit each year, soaking up the city’s history, culture, museums, galleries and renowned shopping facilities.

Southampton’s growing status has attracted a large student population to its two universities, with over 40,000 students living in the city.

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