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population of its urban zone
tourists visit each year
employment growth in last decade
average GDP per person


Reach a growing audience with increasing purchasing power

Taxi advertising in Belfast

We offer cost-effective taxi advertising campaigns to help you reach a diverse audience by taking your brand out on the roads of Belfast for all to see.

As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a great location to launch a taxi advertising campaign

  • Fantastic transport links with two major airports and a world-famous port
  • Attracts millions of tourists each year, with visitors spending £324m annually
  • Home to a largely-ABC1 demographic with money to spend and purchasing power
  • Central to Northern Ireland’s economy and home to its Assembley
  • A range of superb taxi advertising formats to choose from

London Taxi Advertising can help get your business noticed as cabs travel around Belfast reaching millions of pedestrians and motorists in this busy city.

Traditionally built on industry, Belfast is now a thriving city for arts, higher education and business. Your cabs will be seen by the most important people – decision makers, influencers and thought leaders.

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Why advertise in Belfast?

The city has enjoyed high employment growth in the past decade, growing by 16.4% compared to the UK average of 9.2%.

More jobs means more money, and more money means more people willing to spend – showcase your brand in style to this key audience with one of our bespoke cab campaigns!

With an average GDP of £35k in the centre of the city, Belfast is an ideal location to target if you’re looking to reach a more affluent demographic, who have  money in their pocket.

With a range of exciting formats available, London Taxi Advertising can help to showcase your brand on the streets of this great city.


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