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people in the metropolitan area
black cabs in East Midlands
overseas visitors each year
university students in the city


Take your brand for a spin on the streets of Nottingham

Taxi advertising in Nottingham

Advertise on black cabs in Nottingham and reach motorists, pedestrians and taxi passengers with eye-catching taxi advertisements.

With a population of over 1.5m, it’s a great location to launch a bespoke cab advertising campaign.

  • Fantastic transport links with taxis travelling to and from East Midlands Airport
  • 300,000 overseas visitors per year, spending £1.5bn annually
  • 60,000 students embracing the city’s culture, leisure and nightlife
  • One of the UK’s top cities for economic growth
  • Unbeatable reach as your mobile ads travel around the city centre

London Taxi Advertising is the UK’s number one taxi advertiser and can help position your brand in front of the people who matter through this unique and dynamic format.

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Why advertise in Nottingham?

The historic city of Nottingham is home to 311,000 people, while its metropolitan area has a population of over 1.5 million.

Taxi advertising in Nottingham can reach those travelling to the nearby airport, those shopping in its busy city centre or those heading out to sample the city’s famous nightlife and culture.

Your taxi ads can appeal to the city’s young student audience, who are open to trying new products and have a grasp of the latest technology.

It’s a popular tourist destination for UK and international visitors, with overseas visitors travelling to Nottingham and spending big each year.

Nottingham ranks in the top 10 UK cities for job growth. More jobs means more people willing to spend, and professionals with purchasing power are an ideal audience to aim at with your cab campaign.

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