Why Taxi Advertising is the Best Way to Reach London Shoppers

The number of bus routes on London’s Oxford Street has been cut by 40% ahead of its potential pedestrianisation.

The number of bus routes on Europe’s busiest shopping street will be cut or re-routed, announced the Transport for London (TfL) earlier on this week due to congestion and to improve reliability. But how will the volumes of fashion retailers wanting to reach out to their target audiences, who perhaps previously relied on advertising on London’s famous red buses, cope with this brave decision?

Taxi advertising is a versatile advertising platform allowing you to reach suitable target audiences. With over half a million daily visitors passing through Oxford Street, this mobile platform reaches out to all demographics and commands attention in busy urban environments.

Taxi advertisements can be considered as the number one media format when it comes to targeting shoppers. Cab adverts are more beneficial to potential consumers than buses, with content positioned at eye-level to catch the attention of both pedestrians and motorists on the UK’s busiest streets. 77% of people have described the taxi ads that they see as being impactful, with 81% of ABC1s able to recall branded cabs. What’s more, an incredible 20% have made a purchase after seeing a taxi advertisement.

The aforementioned changes to Oxford Street will be implemented throughout the summer, a peak time for tourists and consumers. With 8.6 million people available to be reached in London and over 200,000 taxi journeys being made each day, it looks like this could prove to be a positive move for the taxi advertising industry.

To discuss the potential that taxi advertising could have for your business, get in touch with the team at London Taxi Advertising today.


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