Full Wraps

Give your brand an unbeatable presence

A full wrap, or full livery, taxi advert is the ideal way to make a huge impact on the city and suburban streets of your target area.

Full livery taxi advertising:

  • is ideal for long term brand awareness campaigns or high impact campaign bursts to support other marketing efforts
  • offers the most expansive creative space to showcase your branding
  • is ideal for PR events, product launches or escorting VIPs
  • lets you specify music, scents and internal branding inside the taxi to launch a captivating marketing vehicle to help drive your PR strategy
  • can be enhanced with brand ambassadors – we can educate drivers on your brand and products, who will offer commuters a one-to-one marketing experience
  • allows your creative to be seen from all angles on the streets of your chosen city
  • transports consumers into an immersive brand experience

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percol full wrap taxi outside parliament in london

Your brand means business

Full liveries allow the entire exterior of a taxi to be used as a creative canvas for your brand. Choose to supply artwork yourself or leave it in the hands of our specialist taxi ad design team.

A striking sight in some of the UK’s busiest cities and towns, full wrap ads ensure that your brand reaches your audience from every possible angle.

By standing out from the crowd, a colourful cab is the ideal way to reach your key demographic and is guaranteed to turn heads as the taxi travels around town.

When combined with interior taxi advertising, full liveries ensure that passengers feel connected with your brand, making you a major part of their journey as they travel across the city.