The Belgravia Centre Launches London Taxi Advertising Push

The Belgravia Centre hair loss clinic is promoting its services in London with a new major marketing campaign, with a fleet of black cab taxis given an eye-catching makeover to advertise “The UK’s Leading Hair Loss Clinic.” The campaign has been coordinated by the UK’s number one taxi advertiser, London Taxi Advertising (LTA).

Full livery, or full wrap, taxis can currently be seen on the streets of the capital, with a striking white creative and Belgravia’s signature branding ensuring that the cabs stand out from the crowd as they travel through the London traffic.

rear window taxi advertising

Full wrap taxi advertising offers brands maximum exposure and is ideal for long term campaigns. It sees every available inch of the iconic London taxi covered by a brand’s creative for a high impact campaign in busy urban environments.

The Belgravia Centre is also targeting those travelling on board the taxis, with interior tip seat advertising and branded taxi receipt pads extending the campaign’s reach further and ensuring that passengers are exposed to The Belgravia Centre’s message.

belgravia centre full wrap taxi ads

Sales Director of London Taxi Advertising, Paul Tremarco, said:

“LTA is thrilled to be working with The UK’s Leading Hair Loss Clinic on this striking new taxi campaign. It’s great to be spreading The Belgravia Centre’s message with this eye-catching taxi livery, and we’re very confident that it’ll be a very successful campaign which hopefully leads us to working together again in the future.”

The Belgravia Centre operates two clinics in central London and the city of London, offering hair loss treatment for men and women. For more information, visit


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